Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Winter Storm

Madison is getting a pretty good snowfall right now. Right now they're saying 14-18 inches. All local elementary and high schools were closed today, and earlier this afternoon the university also called off the rest of the day's classes. Even the Madison bus service is calling it quits about 4-5 hours early (usually there's some buses running until about midnight, but today they stop at 7PM). On my way back from the gym traffic on Johnson St. was moving so slow that about 8 cars were able to cross the intersection during the green light. Two cars on side streets were getting a push from passers-by.

Madison doesn't even have the worst of it. According to the newspapers:
Conditions have gotten so dicey in Green County that even snow plows are pulling off the road.

Here's some photos from the State Street area.

This is the parking lot behind my apartment.

Just a few weeks ago these abandoned bikes were snow-free.

State Street Brats' outdoor seating.

More bikes... but these ones aren't abandoned. Their owners probably brought them out last week when it was warm enough that most of the snow melted.

A losing battle.

Update: Weather related accidents led to a major backup of interstate traffic, resulting in a traffic jam that extended into the next county. Thousands of cars were stuck on the highway overnight.

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