Saturday, April 19, 2008

Farmer's Market + Protestacular

Madison's farmer's market is one of its greatest attractions. Wisconsin is a farming state with tons of farmland within biking distance of Madison. I think there's even a farm within city limits.

During the winter the market moves indoors, but one of the benefits of this is that they offer a fantastic breakfast during those winter months. During the summer the market is much larger, and is held outdoors - and there's no breakfast. Last week was the last indoor market of the season and this week the first outdoor market. Here's photos.

This first one is from last week's indoor market. I tried to get the menu in the shot, but it's kind of hard to see the farmer's stands. You can sort of make out a refrigerator that a cattle farmer had, and a stand which I believe holds pesto and other sauces.

Here's one from today

Not every booth at the market is for farmers. There's also bakers, cheese makers, florists... and of course there's political booths and - not infrequently - protesters. This week there were two competing pro-Tibetan independence, and pro-Chinese government rallies.

On the way home I noticed a hilarious poster for a movie that, as it turns out, is about some Tibetans. It's called Blindsight and is about blind kids who climb some mountain - but the tagline; "They lost their sight, not their vision," is ridiculous. Someone in the marketing department just couldn't resist those awful eyesight puns. It doesn't even sound like a real movie... it sounds like something from a fake-news story in The Onion, or a movie that might come from Tantamount Pictures.

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