Saturday, December 11, 2010

Photo Dump: Chili Cook-Off, Farmer's Market, Birds, Roller Derby, Football

My friend J and I went to the 5th Annual East Tennessee Chili Cook-Off about a month ago.

I didn't really take any good photos, but in this one you can sort of see the chili stands on the left.

There was so much chili that we left for a couple of hours and came back for a second helping. We managed to taste 17 of the 22 chili's.


Knoxville has a pretty great Farmer's Market. Sometimes they also have other events in Krutch park at the same time: they've had a biscuit festival, some sort of history fair... A few weeks ago they had this:

I never really found out what was going on, but it seemed like fun.


In the evenings in the fall you can often see a huge flock of birds flying from tree to tree, in downtown Knoxville, and then sometimes just swerving through the sky.

That's them in the bottom right part of this photo.


A few months ago I went to see the roller derby just a few blocks east of downtown.

It was interesting.


I went to a Vols game, Neyland stadium fits about 20,000 more fans than Camp Randall.

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