Sunday, April 03, 2011

Photo dump

I went to a record swap today, and got a little carried away.

I don't even have a turntable yet... But I have been thinking about switching over to vinyl. When I buy a CD I pretty much just rip it to mp3s, and then put it away. I don't have a CD player anymore, other than my laptop. Some record labels are now providing download codes for mp3 or flac files whenever you purchase vinyl, so I figure, why not make the switch? For example I got the new, amazing, Rural Alberta Advantage album on vinyl, and got the download weeks before the official release date, at which point the vinyl got sent out in the mail. I also picked up one of their super cool posters. (check out their video.)

A few weeks back Knoxville had some pretty heavy rains, and flooding near first creek closed some of our major roadways. Creeks aren't always noticeable from the road, and I've always found it kind of interesting to see where the waterways are that pass under roads and highways... of course you definitely notice it when the creeks flood. A week or so after the flooding I took my bike out on Knoxville's excellent Greenway, and ran into this bridge that was moved a couple of meters by the flood waters.

Now that it's warm out, I've been out on a few hikes. On the most recent, I went with some ecologists, and biologists... they make for interesting hike partners since they know so much about the plantlife. Randomly I ran into a guy I played frisbee with in Madison. He's down here doing a postdoc now. Small world.

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