Saturday, June 04, 2011

Photo dump: hiking, and bluegrass in a cave

In March and April, I did a lot of hiking, and here's some of the photos. These three are from Frozen Head State Park. One of the nice things about this park is there are usually fewer hikers than on the trails in the Smokies.

In late April, I returned to the Porter's Creek trail, with my parents. You can see some lovely Dogwoods blooming in the last 2 photos.

On April 23rd I went to the Bluegrass Underground show, which is exactly what it sounds like: a monthly bluegrass concert held in a cave. On the drive there, on Easter Saturday, we saw this:

Here's the entrance to the cavern:

There's a chandelier in cavern:

Here's Frank Fairfield on stage in the background, and the radio sound guy in the foreground.

Everything about the first act was amazing. This guy, Frank Fairfield, has a deep knowledge of, and love for American musical history and traditions, and he plays a mean fiddle. Check out his Daytrotter session, and a set he did at Amoeba.

The main act, the Emmitt-Nershi Band, was described as "jam-grass" and "progressive bluegrass." To my ears they basically sounded like a slightly more country America, which is nice, but with incessant rounds of soloing, which isn't really my cup of tea.

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