Friday, July 06, 2007

Green Tea & Soda

Completely unrelated to that last post: I've stopped drinking soda. I have been soda-free ever since my girlfriend took off for Teach for America. The trick has been to drink Green Tea all the time. Like 1 gallon/day... Water's too boring, but with green tea somehow there's just enough flavour to keep me from looking for the nearest coke machine. Plus it's supposedly good for you.


seema said...

diego, u've turned to calling it soda?
oh well, i forgive.
green tea sounds like a good idea, but is there caffiene in it?
i always worry b.c i'm so anxious as it is, and i don't want any more than my 2 cups of tea worth of caffiene in me a day.

diggyG said...

it has caffeine, but you can always get decaf.
also it's supposed to be good for your cholesterol