Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rubberband Man

So this guy, let's call him Omar, posted video on his blog the other day. That seemed pretty fun, so now I'm using this post as an excuse to try embedding a video on my blog.

Today's post is about T.I.'s song Rubberband Man. I used to love that song. So much so that I set it as my ringtone. But about a year and a half ago I made the mistake of setting it as the alarm soundclip on my cellphone. For months this is what I've woken up to. And now it has ruined the song for me. I can't listen to it without instantly feeling tense.

Just for fun here are videos for my other, non-dread-inducing ringtones.

My girlfriend gets Silent Shout by The Knife... for no particular reason... it just happened to be my favourite song a few months ago.

And everyone else gets Don't You Want Me by The Human League, but instead of posting the video, I'll put up the clip from the Mighty Boosh which originally turned me on to the Human League:

1 comment:

seema said...

how fun diego!
videos on-line, on your blog!
i am not fully appreciating them currently b.c i am at work and have no sound that i can see on this computer.