Monday, August 27, 2007

Adventures in Moving
A quick housing related story; I recently moved from the Tenney Park area, to State Street, into the building that my girlfriend lived in until she left for her TFA posting in Chicago.

Over the summer I had been subletting my apartment and staying at my girlfriend's, but I was still on the lease at my place and I still had some of my stuff there. So when moving time rolled around we drove over there to grab my bed/desks/etc. and help with the cleaning. We found things to be in rather poor shape. The bathroom wasn't clean, nor was the kitchen. There was broken glass frozen into the ice that lined the bottom of the freezer, and a bunch of muddy-looking stains on the carpet. We cleaned up a little bit mostly because we felt embarrassed to leave such a mess, but we didn't put in too much effort figuring that our 99$ deposit wasn't worth it (that's 33$/roommate).

Well, yesterday I got my deposit check in the mail, and somehow we got it all back. I'm not sure what to think about that. It's actually a little bit scary: if this is what they consider 'clean', what kind of messes are they used to seeing? And what kind of neighbours did we have for the last year? Apparently we lived in a crappier part of town than we had realized.

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