Monday, August 11, 2008

ATT: Worst service ever

How is it possible that when you call the 1-800 number listed on your internet bill, you get a service center for a different area of the country? My bill says to call 877-722-3755 for "AT&T Internet Services." But if you call that number and work your way through an idiotic voice menu you end up at a service center for the southeastern USA. Then they transfer you to 888-274-9056, which connects you to a service center that is only able to transfer your account to a new address, not to disconnect you entirely. Seems pretty dishonest to me; I specifically said I needed to disconnect my account, why the hell are they connecting me to some annoyingly faux-cheerful high-pressure sales guy?

These jerks have been nothing but trouble. It took 9 months and more than 30 phone calls to get an equipment rebate, and almost every call involved being transferred more than once. How can it be so difficult to set up a competent service center?

ATT: worst customer-service ever.

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