Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't live here

I used to live at this apartment building, later inhabited by Madison's youngest murderer, and only a half block from the scene of a still unsolved murder. When I lived there, I rarely spoke to my neighbours, though I did meet most of them on move out day. They were student-looking types for the most part and certainly didn't look like crackheads. Apparently things have gone downhill since then:

Take 431 West Main St.

The address is the apartment building where accused murderer Peterson lived. It's a three-story structure that has three separate street addresses, 427, 431 and 437 West Main Street. Police responded to 282 calls in the past year in connection to the three addresses. While close to half of the calls were for parking violations, the reports indicate chaotic or criminal activities are ongoing, including loud parties, drug activity and theft.

In the search warrant issued for Peterson's arrest, a Madison police officer states that the tenants of a second-floor apartment are known cocaine-base users. In an interview shortly after Peterson was arrested, another building tenant said most of the apartment's tenants are middle-age and suspected they either use or deal crack cocaine.

Calls from 427 West Main included a frantic call from a mom who believed her son may have attempted suicide by overdosing on drugs; a woman threatening to kill a male caller because he didn't buy her cigarettes; and a request for police to check on a homeless man who is outside the building and appears to be cold, drunk or both.

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